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The Know

The Know is The Crescent's online lesson video portfolio. Here you will find densely packed, informational and deep lesson videos to bring your mastery to the next level.

These lesson videos are suitable for all levels and are evergreen in their very nature. These are the foundations to becoming masterful in your own right. The concepts, exercises and thought processes shared here are meant to be explored and re-explored on all instruments at every milestone of your development.


Gilad Hekselman :

Breaking Musical Habits + Outside Playing

In this lesson video, Gilad discusses :

  • How to best optimize your time spent practicing technique

  • How to break out of typical fretboard positions in order to open up new avenues while improvising

  • How to correct technical issues by assessing them honestly and directly

  • How to remain mindful and musical during practice

  • How to improvise over a tune, in the example's case "Stella by Starlight", in an unexpected way all the while respecting the source material and melody

  • "Sound Sandwiches"... you'll just have to watch for yourself for this one...

    Transcriptions available and clickable in the video once purchased.

Jean-Michel Pilc :

Total Improvisational Control

In this lesson video, Jean-Michel Pilc discusses and shows musicians of every level and all instruments how to master the 3 elements of music : 
1. Rhythm 
2. Melody 
3. Bass

Once he shares a very practical and applicable exercise to help the viewer master these 3 elements simultaneously, he moves on to demonstrate real examples of how to improvise freely and masterfully over a 12 bar blues form.

Transcriptions available and clickable in the video once purchased.

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